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Headquarter Administrative Structure

Headquarter Administrative Structure
The Board Headquarters administrative structure as made up of eleven (11) Departments and four (4) units.

Departments of the Board

  1. Administration and Supplies Department (A/S)
  2. Finance and Accounts Department (F/A)
  3. Schools Supervision Department (S/S)
  4. Planning Research and statistics Department (PRS)
  5. Education Service (E/S)
  6. Investigation and Property Preservation Department (IPP)
  7. Civic, Culture and Moral Education Department (CCMD)
  8. Science and Technology Department (Sc & tech)
  9. Sports Department
  10. Works department

Units of the Board

  1. Servicom/PIB Unit
  2. Public Relations Unit
  3. Internal Audit Unit
  4. Legal Unit