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Meaning of PPSMB

Meaning of PPSMB
Full Meaning of PPSMB by Caroline Uzor, Word by Word

P Painstaking

O Objective Analysis to Issues

S Skilled workers

T Talent hunters


P Pride of learning

R Responsible Citizens

I Image makers

M Mobilizers

A Always reliable

R Roadmap to success

Y Yearning for positive changes in schools


S Selfless service

C Center for excellence

H Honourable service

O Opportunity Utilizers

O Organized workers

L Liberal

S School administrators


M Mindful of quality education

A Always available

N Not daunted by circumstances

A Always equipped

G Goal achievers

E Excellent service

M Motivators

E Experienced personnel

N Never tired of good works

T Team work


B Best among equals

O Obedient workers

A Always in support of good governance

R Research analysis

D Decision makers