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  • Dec 20, 2022
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Graduands of the last batch of SKILLFEST, a free skill acquisition program organized by chairman, PPSMB, Dr Favor Ugwuanyi mni for teenagers that concluded WAEC NECO exams to keep them busy while awaiting admissions into tertiary institutions are now putting their newly acquired skills to profitable use.

Handiwork is what made Chinese youths to escape poverty into wealth. Gambling through sport betting must be discouraged among our youths as addiction that leads to penury.
A highly creative teen talent made beautiful school bags and brought same to the school to help him market
It must be noted that Dr MRS Favor Ugwuanyi has included FINANCIAL LITERACY as part of the needed subjects in Public schools to teach teenagers about MONEY.
Surveys have shown that to be successful you need different kinds of INTELLIGENCE among which are : EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE, FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE, etc
Our teenagers need skillset and also the required financial education to learn the secrets of MONEY and become MONEY WISE OR FINANCIALLY INTELLIGENT.
The Igbo men of old learned financial intelligence to be able to put value to their services and made good profits establishing themselves in Nigeria as entrepreneurs.
Dr Favor Ugwuanyi mni, Chairman PPSMB is set to transform public secondary schools to produce teens that are well rounded in academics, skillset and money matters. With this vision, our teenagers can make legitimate handiwork a source of good income for them while awaiting for admission into tertiary institutions or earn money and help their struggling parents to train them in higher.
Dr Favor Ugwuanyi is passionate to make our public secondary schools the source of life transformation for our teenagers
Thank you DR FAVOR UGWUANYI mni for making SKILL ACQUISITION and FINANCIAL LITERACY with academic and moral excellence a top priority in Enugu
Under the chairmanship of Dr Favor Ugwuanyi mni at PPSMB, Enugu has achieved uncommon academics in two consecutively years at the national level
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