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  • Aug 02, 2022
  • News


The Executive Chairman of PPSMB, Dr. Favour Ugwuanyi (mni, FCISM) has called on Principals and Teachers of PPSMB to take good care of government properties in their various schools. She said that principals are saddled with the responsibilities of both human and materials resources in their custody.

Dr. Ugwuanyi also expressed her disappointment on some principals' nonchallant attitude towards government properties. She made this statement yesterday been, 2nd August, 2022 during the August special prayer session at the board headquarters.
The Executive Boards Chairman warned that the law will not fail to take its course on any wanting Principal in this regard and advised that those guilty of the offense should go back to the drawing board and remedy the situation.
She went further to also warn those blackmailing the authority of the Board to desist from it because, 'her appointment as the Executive Chairman is a divine agenda' and advised all to key in for a new PPSMB.
During the prayer session, Pastor Nons, who made reference in book of Ist Chronicle 21 v1-3, Mathew 22 v 25, 2Corintheians 10v3 and Act 1v4, prayed for progress and upliftment of the board in various areas and urged those distorting the image of the Board through negative comments to desist from it henceforth, before they receive God's wrath.
He raised prayer points for students, teachers, Principals, staff, new Board members and Chairman of the Board. The Man of God, also prayed for God's protection on the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and others in authority.
The prayer featured praises, healing and Thanksgiving.